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licensed massage therapy regulationsWhat is a Licensed Massage Therapist?

Licensure is a government-mandated mechanism that governs practitioners. To practice massage therapy, a student who has graduated from a massage therapy college should obtain a license. In the end, you won’t be able to get paid for your job unless you have a permit.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Licensing?

  • Public safety is ensured by the establishment of high entrance requirements for the profession.
  • Fair and transparent regulation that applies across Canada, regardless of venue.
  • Massage therapists’ right to describe their profession through proposed legislation and regulation by a massage therapy advisory board.

These regulations are intended to protect the general public by forcing the profession to be accountable and unify the industry by creating a common regulatory framework, minimum competency for entry-level practitioners, and a common culture and language.

licensed massage therapy

Why Do We Need Massage Therapy Regulation & Licensing?

Massage therapy must have legal approval and clearly defined criteria to encourage the profession and protect the public’s health, protection, and welfare.

Massage therapy’s legal recognition in the form of licensing sets basic competency requirements for entry-level practitioners and defines who will represent themselves to the public as licensed massage therapists. Formal schooling, preparation, and assessment criteria are used to assess and implement competency.

Licensing is the most strict form of professional control, making it illegal for anyone to practise massage therapy without first obtaining a license.

The public is protected by licensure because it establishes a clear standard of practice enforced by a professional code of ethics. Licensing also provides a structured grievance procedure for clients, which helps to deter dishonest and non-compliant massage therapists from practicing.

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