National Physiotherapy Month

National Physiotherapy Month

May is National Physiotherapy Month! Surprisingly, many people do not know about physiotherapy and how useful it can be in keeping the body healthy.

Watch this video below to learn about the purpose of physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is the treatment of an injury, disease, or illness using physical methods, like exercise and manual therapy. Often patients seek out physiotherapy to help treat an injury. They may have fallen playing sports or have been experiencing chronic pain for a while. Regardless of the injury, physiotherapists work with their patients to create custom care plans that work best for their patient.

So how does the process work?

Patients will seek out physiotherapy to treat some form of pain caused by an accident, condition, or disability. During the first meeting, the physiotherapist will ask the patient questions to determine the cause of the pain. Sometimes, the cause is from something obvious, like a fall or motor vehicle accident. Other times, the patient may have started to develop pain and discomfort over time.

The physiotherapist can have the patient perform movement exercises to determine what kind of movement causes pain. This helps the physiotherapist determine which area/areas of the body are injured and allows them to proceed with a customized treatment plan. Some treatment plans let patients treat themselves from home and meet with the physiotherapist periodically to check their progress. Other times, the patient may need the physiotherapist to help them perform mobility exercises or physical treatments.

Physiotherapy can be a valuable tool to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you recently sustained an injury, are disabled and have mobility issues and pain, or want to develop a plan to avoid injury, physiotherapists play an important part in helping your body stay healthy. Book a consultation with us today and have a safe Nation Physiotherapy Month: https://bit.ly/2qR9kdJ

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