New Patient

What Can I Expect At My First Physiotherapy Visit?

The purpose of your initial visit/assessment is to allow the physiotherapist to fully evaluate your unique condition, concerns and goals, and to set up an appropriate treatment plan.  The initial visit usually lasts about 1 hour, and also includes your first treatment that day.  You will typically be given home exercises and/or instructions to follow.

Depending on your specific condition, your individualized treatment plan generally includes a mix of treatments at the clinic and home based rehabilitative exercises.  Your Physiotherapist will discuss frequency/amount of clinic visits with you; these will always be tailored to a patient’s specific schedule and/or financial needs.

Be sure to wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing to your first visit. If your condition involves areas of the back or lower body, shorts and a tank top are suggested.

Remember to bring a list of any medications you are currently taking as well as any reports on your injury of condition that might be provided by your doctor.