Ready, Set, SPRING!

Ready, Set, SPRING!


It’s hard to believe after a long winter, but Spring is finally just around the corner!  With the increase in outdoor and physical activities that comes with outdoor sports, gardening and spring cleaning, make sure you avoid any injuries with these easy tips:

  1. If you plan to start a new exercise routine, make sure to visit your Doctor for a routine check-up in advance.  Any new activity can stress your body, especially if you have an undiagnosed disease or other conditions. Your doctor can let you know what your limits might be and suggest an appropriate amount of exercise for you.
  2. Gradually increase time and intensity of any new exercise program.  Begin with mild to moderate exercise of about 20 minutes, 3 times a week and gradually build upon this.
  3. If you have any lingering or nagging injuries, make sure to consult your Physiotherapist to get you started safely.
  4. Warm up before exercise.  The warm-up can consist of walking, jogging or simply doing your regular activity at a slow pace (squats and bends for gardening etc.).
  5. Stay well hydrated all day long.  A steady, regular intake of fluid throughout the day is best, especially as the weather heats up outside.
  6. If you experience any sharp pain, weakness or lightheadedness during activity or exercise, pay attention. If you don’t feel well, you should take some time off and consider seeing your Doctor or Physiotherapist.
  7.  It is important to take some rest days in between any activities or outdoor work to avoid over-stressing your body.
  8. Use appropriate safety equipment for sports, proper footwear, pads and stools for gardening or yard work, and ergonomically correct tools.



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