Tips for Exercising During Summer

Tips for Exercising During Summer

With the really hot summer weather just around the corner now, many of you might be considering starting a new outdoor exercise program.  Whether it be running, biking or playing with the kids, a few simple tips can keep you out of trouble and injury free this summer:

    • When it’s hot and humid, make sure to stay hydrated.  Roughly a litre of water for every hour spent outside is ideal, if exercising vigorously your needs may be even greater.
    • Before commencing your run or bike ride, make sure to do an active warm-up.  This means repeating some of the movements required for your sport to prep those muscles – try buttocks kicks, scissor kicks and shoulder rolls if running.
    • Make sure to do a short cooldown and light stretching routine after exercising – this can involve holding muscle stretches for up to 60 seconds.
    • Dress the part – make sure to wear moisture wicking and light, cool clothing.  If exercising in tick or mosquito areas ensure light colours that cover most exposed skin.
    • Remember to use a waterproof sunscreen.
    • Make sure to start slowly.  If you have not exercised all winter, a gradual program is recommended.
    • Get checked out first if you have any nagging injuries or health concerns.  Speak to your doctor if you have any doubts, or check with your physio for pre-screening of any mobility, joint or soft tissue problems.
    • Make sure to have fun!  Research has shown that you are more likely to stick to an exercise if you enjoy doing it.

Wishing you a safe, warm and injury free summer workout season!

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