What is a TENS machine?

What is a TENS machine?

What is a TENS machine?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines are very effective at providing relief from the pain of all types. They have grown in popularity for home use over the past few years, with models available for sale on TV and in most pharmacies.  Home TENS units are a great way to safely and effectively regulate pain levels on a daily basis.  Given the amount of choice out there, it is understandably confusing, and overwhelming trying to choose the right unit.

KOPC carries the Comfy-Stim brand of TENS units for sale.  These units offer an industry recognized combination of durability, quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

The Comfy-Stim is portable and compact and comes equipped with a large digital interface for easy operation.You can operate 12 TENS pre-sets, giving you multiple waveforms to treat even the most difficult pain. And in addition to instant relief, this unit facilitates recovery.

In terms of pain, this machine is great for all types of muscle pain, chronic back pain can help reduce spasms and is effective for treating tension headaches amongst other things.

How to claim your Tens Machine on insurance (at NO COST to you)

We find that many patients are not taking advantage of getting therapy products reimbursed by their extended health plans. In most cases, it’s simply because you don’t know that your insurance will cover it – as is the case with TENS machines.

TENS machines are classified as a “medical device.” Many extended health benefits pay 100% coverage with no limits and no deductibles for medical devices. The only step in the way is that these medical supplies are covered only when medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor. Some plans accept a prescription from a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

So here’s a two-step process to help you get your TENS machine for free.

Step 1: Call your insurance company

Find out the specific coverage and requirements. TENS machines are grouped in the category of ‘medical equipment/devices’ and most insurers will typically pay 100% with no deductibles. So ask your insurer if they cover the TENS machines and how much coverage you’re entitled to.

Step 2: Get a doctors note

Most insurance companies require you to get a doctor’s script if you want a medical device covered.

Most plans typically require the following on the doctor’s script:

  • Diagnosis necessitating the TENS machine (e.g., “chronic” back pain)
  • Anticipated duration the TENS machine will be required (typically at least 12 weeks but seek the advice of your therapist here)
  • Anticipated application of the TENS machine (e.g., for daily use)
  • Identify what the TENS machine aims to achieve (e.g., improve quality of life, reduce medication use, increase activity tolerance, improve sleep)
  • Some insurers will ask for the type of TENS machine required

Step 3: Submit for Reimbursement

All TENS units purchased at KOPC come with a 1-year guarantee, and you will be provided with a receipt of purchase.  Simply submit this proof of purchase AND doctors note to your insurer in order to get fully reimbursed.

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